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Home Theare

No more waiting in line to buy tickets to a movie or having to sit in uncomfortable theatre seats. Sick of looking at black bars at the top and bottom of your TV when watching your latest movie. Now you can enjoy movie night in the comfort of your own home theatre.

Home cinemas are a superb addition to any home. If you really enjoy the big screen experience, then you may have an appreciation of how high quality video enhances your TV and film enjoyment. Add to this, outstanding 5.1, 7.1 surround sound or even the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology and your home cinema will be the most popular room in the house!

Of course, there are many home cinema solutions to suit every budget. If you have an eye and ear for quality, then Opulent Audio Visual can guide you through the maze of products on the market and help you select the ideal home cinema system.

No room is too small for a home cinema installation as long as it is designed well. Great care has to be taken with regard to the size and shape of your room, including the furniture, as this affects the ambience and the way in which sound travels throughout the room. At Opulent Audio Visual we work closely with you and or your builder to ensure optimum sound quality is achieved for every room specified in your home.

Opulent Audio Visual are specialist home cinema designers and have many years’ experience delivering home cinema solutions for clients like you. It’s what we do well, and love doing.

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