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Custom Installations

Custom Installations

Just as every person is unique, every system that we install is designed for the unique home environment and performance requirements of our clients. We are experts at creatively blending media technology into your lifestyle – from home theaters to whole-home integration that lets you control virtually every system in your home environment, inside and out.

In fact, we are experts at custom installations. We know how to create a system that solves your problems without creating new ones of its own. We start by listening to you to gain an understanding of your preferences and exactly what you expect. Then we design a comprehensive system that is customized to your home and lifestyle – from the acoustical soundscape of your rooms to the timing of your at-home activities.

Distributed Audio & Video

Listen to music anywhere in your home without having to take the music or the devices that play them with you.

Your favourite streaming service be it music or movies and even live content is available in any room in your home and can be controlled from touch panels or keypads located throughout your home or wirelessly using smartphones and tablets.

Over 15 Years experience in Automation and Audio Visual Solutions